Learn How To Be a Strong, Self-confident, Independent & Happy Person in Your Relationship

              Do you feel less confident and independent than you used to be? Have you started neglecting the things in your life that make you feel like you your hobbies, interests, dreams, friends? Are you feeling trapped or weighed down and desperate to make changes in your life? Well… you’re not alone!A lot of people struggle with and feel less independent and confident in their relationship. Sometimes they even feel like they’ve lost their identity. Our book Reclaim Yourself will teach you how to:








              Stop feeling guilty for doing the things that make you happy

              You can buy just the book or add our video course.

              Can You Recognize Yourself in Any of the Statements Below?

              When I was in a relationship I focused on his needs and neglected my own needs and happinessEmma

              We were just addicted to each other and we forgot about ourselves – John

              I went from a strong, confident person to a dependent, insecure person – Josephine

              I gave up everything for my partner – Anna

              All I wanted was to be with her. I lost all interest in my hobbies and friends – Frank

              I revolved my life around my partners schedule – Claire

              As you can see a lot of people, just like you, struggle with losing themselves in a relationship. Al they want is to feel independent and self-confident again.

              Are you excited to stop feeling lost in your relationship and RECLAIM yourself?

              Its time to claim back your unique personality, your independence, your love for life, the determination to chase your dreams and a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

              Its time to stop feeling alone and disconnected from friends and others around you.

              It’s time to be ‘you’ again!

              This book is exactly what you need to feel empowered and enabled to find yourself again and to live the life you want while in your relationship.

              You can buy just the book or add our video course.

              A brief introduction

              Our names are Bastiaan & Chantalle, founders of http://5g.dpqkfev.cn. Authors of two powerful books and featured on Tiny Buddha, Marc & Angel, Pick the Brain, Mind Body Green and many other popular websites. Over the past few years we have successfully helped hundreds of people to feel confident and happy again in their relationship.

              Here’s What Others Say About the Book

              An incredibly useful book that I am certain will help anybody make positive changes in their lives. If you read this book and dont find yourself thinking about things differently and making positive changes You must have missed some chapters.What I love is that that Chantalle and Bastiaan are talking from an incredibly vast life experience, an experience that shines through in each chapter.

              Mike Jones, Metta Wellbeing

              As a life coach, I would definitely recommend this book to any of my clients who have lost themselves in a relationship and need to reclaim their identity. Theres no fluff herejust a LOT of wisdom and practical exercises to help you rediscover who you are!

              Ed Herzog, Life Coach

              “Imagine yourself in a relationship where you get to be yourself and you allow the other person to be themselves. What you’ll get is two happy, joyful people, who are growing and thriving. That is a powerful relationship with lots of room for freedom, passion, love and joy.”

              You can buy just the book or add our video course.

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